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PT. Daya Maju Utama
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PT Daya Maju Utama is an engineering, contractor and suppliers company established in Jakarta, Indonesia since 2000.

Become a professional company with highly satisfied service and quality of work to the customers

For the suppliers, we are agent of some products, ie:
1. Yaskawa
1.1. Inverter ( with special price)
1.2. AC Motor
2. Shinko magnetic clutch & Brakes ( with special price)
3. Meiden
3.1. Inverter
3.2. AC& DC Motor
3.3.. Dynamometer
4. Italvibras Vibration Motor
5. Nagano Keiki
5.1. Pressure Gauge
5.2. Pressure Gauge with Electric Contact
5.3. Pressure Transmitter
6. Koso Control Vallve ( with special price)
7. Terasaki
7.1. MCCB
7.2. ELB ( earth leakage breaker)
7.3. Contactors and Thermal Overload Relays
8. Suntes
8.1. Air hydraulic booster
8.2. Disc brakes
9. Fushiman
9.1. Pressure Reducing Valve
9.2. Safety Relief Valve
10. Utsue Valve
11. Toyo Denki
11.1. Inverter
11.2. Induction Motor
11.3. ED Motor
12. Toshiba Inverter
13. Hanwa Agitator. Industrial Mixers

All the above product we offer with: competitive price, original and full guarantie.

For the Engineering and Contractor, our company make the design and installation of the Mechanical and Electrical equipment and also include of the maintenance service.
Our company have the experience members with the international certificate.

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